Wireless communication solutions for businesses

We offer smart wireless solutions for businesses

Mobile Broadband

We offer mobile broadband solutions for medium and large business connecting your offices where fixed broadband has any issues.

Smart Connect

We assist our clients with smartly connecting home devices and communication system to the wireless network.

Remote Management

IP Connected devices can be managed remotely via smart phones and via PC browsers.

Wi-Fi Handsets for VOIP

Wi-Fi handsets would connect directly to the business Wi-Fi network without needing any additional base station or any other gateway.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

We offer a number of solutions for Wi-Fi connectivity of your phones, PC and tablets to the corporate broadband network.

Wireless Controls

Wireless controls are the convenient ways of connecting various devices, equipment and printers etc. that would avoid extra costs of cables and network requirements .

New products Updates

Some of the upcoming products & solutions


Latest video devices

We have launched new video soft clients and video applications.

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Solutions & services

We provide additional services and better than before in telecommunication industry.

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Innovation in telecommunication

Here is one example of how fast technology is changing.

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Some of our business products and solutions

Snapshot of some of the hardware and products we offer.

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