Smart Office solutions for businesses

Smart Office solutions for smart businesses

Smart Charging

Smart office buildings have efficient solar panels for smart charging of office laptops, tablets and phones.

Smart Light Adjust

Through the smartly connected lighting system, a mobile app or an iPad can control the light adjustments.

Hot Desking

The IP handsets have hoteling function meaning employees can log in log off from the fixed phones or use their iPads or laptops for communication .

Shared Space

No employee or executive has a fixed space. Employees can work flexibly from home or share the office space and staying in touch using smart communication tools

Occupancy Tracking

Smart applications can track office building parking space, employee space on various floors and track the energy utilization.

BYOD Policies

Smart policies are enforced for BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device) so that staff can bring their own devices without affecting the corporate network security.

New products Updates

Some of the upcoming products & solutions


Latest video devices

We have launched new video soft clients and video applications.

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Solutions & services

We provide additional services and better than before in telecommunication industry.

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Innovation in telecommunication

Here is one example of how fast technology is changing.

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Some of our business products and solutions

Snapshot of some of the hardware and products we offer.

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