Smart Home & Smart Building solutions

Innovative smart home & building solutions

Smart Sensing

Smart sensors including RFID are the key enablers developing IoT applications as they help connect to, and streamline, data analytics and connectivity.

Cloud Computing

Smart Home platforms and wireless solutions connect all devices throughout the home to cloud computing services via sensors, smart gateways or directly. Cloud Computing and IoT technology provide convenient life style.

Machine Learning

Machine learning helps prompt sensors in smart homes. Machine learning algorithms trained on smart home sensor data could predict any changes to everyday activities.

Smart Cities

Network connected homes and cities and the increase of smart mobile devices are driving technology innovation to help develop smart, connected solutions for smart cities.

Real Time Energy Monitoring

Smart meters,real time energy monitoring and management, renewable sources of energy, energy efficient and green buildings are part of the smart cities.

Smart Home

IoT-based smart home monitoring systems that have smart sensors. The solution enable activity detection and pattern forecasting for ambient assisted living.

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Latest video devices

We have launched new video soft clients and video applications.

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We provide additional services and better than before in telecommunication industry.

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Innovation in Technology

Here is one example of how fast technology is changing.

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Snapshot of some of the hardware and products we offer.

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