Fixed Business Broadband

Fixed Broadband solutions for businesses

Fixed broadband solutions for your business

Fibre Broadband

Reliable and faster broadband service on fibre is an optimum option for most businesses with higher bandwidth allowance.

ADSL2+ Broadband

Faster ADSL option for businesses with a number of options to choose from. There are various options of data, speed and length of contract term.

Reliable Service

We make sure the broadband services offered are reliable, consistent and timely supported to meet your business needs and demands.

Cost Effective

Prices are available from as low as $40 per month to higher allowance and higher prices. Even if you have a limited business budget, we may be able to offer suitable broadband plans.

Unlimited Data

There are options of unlimited data bundles for small businesses that would suit the needs of companies with a limited or capped budget .

SHDSL Option

TSHDSL offers symmetrical download and upload speeds ideal for sharing big files, IP TEL, video conferencing and other business applications from multiple sites.

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Some of the upcoming products & solutions


Latest video devices

We have launched new video soft clients and video applications.

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Solutions & services

We provide additional services and better than before in healthcare industry.

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Innovation in healthcare

Here is one example of how fast technology is changing.

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Some of our business products and solutions

Snapshot of some of the hardware and products we offer.

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