Collaboration solutions for businesses

Collaboration options for your business

Real Time Applications

Communicate in real time by calling, seeing ( video), chatting on mobile, tablet or PC, or conferencing

Live Messaging

The chat function provides a real time messaging function while on the move, away from your office or anywhere else.

Presence Application

Real Time Presence function to see if your colleagues are busy in a meeting, on call or available to talk.

Video Conferencing

It has never been better than communicating on video in a group and get real time views of your colleagues or deliver a presentation.

Desktop sharing

Conveniently share your desk top with your colleagues that enhances productivity and improves efficiency.


Real time applications can be used whether you have access to a mobile, tablet, iPad, PC or an Apple Mac.

New products Updates

Some of the upcoming products & solutions


Latest video devices

We have launched new video soft clients and video applications.

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Solutions & services

We provide additional services and better than before in communications industry.

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Innovation in Technology

Here is one example of how fast technology is changing.

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Some of our business products and solutions

Snapshot of some of the hardware and products we offer.

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